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Review on Fever (Book Two of the Chemical Garden Trilogy)

Fever - Lauren DeStefano

So im finally reviewing the last two books in this trilogy. I finished it quite a while back but i've been to lazy to write reviews until now. I highly recommended you read Wither (the first book) before reading this post. 


So to start off with Fever. I gave it a 4/5 stars. 


It was pretty freaking good in my opinion. In the first book the one and only setting is the mansion. Well, now Rhine and Gabriel are finally out and on the run in this one. It picks up right where Wither left off. And right away they are swept up into another mess. Its not quite a spoiler if I tell you since it happens in the first chapter but what basically happens is that they get captured again...but this time its by "Madame". She runs a circus-like scarlet district. From here the book picks up and gosh...so much happens. It's basically a journey book. They are on the run and looking for Rhine's brother at the same time and it's basically a whirlwind. The falling action/ending is just scary. I loved it.


This book was incredibly colorful in my mind. The covers of these books are so perfect. The atmosphere and vibrancy of this broken and rotting world is so perfectly captured. What really puts the icing on the cake is DeStefano's beautiful prose. Every image was so vivid in my mind. Colors...colors were everywhere. Seriously....im so bad at describing it. Point is im not the only one who thinks the writing is awesome. 


In the book there are several new characters introduced. I liked all of them. Loved them in-fact. Especially Maddie. And Rhine's character didn't piss me off. I liked her even more in this book. There is no Linden or Cecily until the very end. Theres lots of Gabriel and Rhine if your looking for it. You better soak it up though because there is absolutely zilch in the third book of Gabriel.


I docked one star because of the explanation of the virus. Again. The world building itself and the description of the setting was amazing and one of the best parts of the book but the explanations of what the HELL was going on was again...subpar. There is development but lol...not much. Until the very end..I guess. But it wasn't really a"development" as much as it scared the crap out of me.


Anyways I really liked this sequel so if you enjoyed the first book then I definitely recommend checking it out. There is a LOT more going on. 


-Samprati :)




Guise....this TBR list is getting out of hand...

Howl's Moving Castle (Howl's Moving Castle, #1) - Diana Wynne Jones The Mysterious Benedict Society  - Carson Ellis, Trenton Lee Stewart Insurgent  - Veronica Roth Love and Happiness - Galt Niederhoffer

To start I only put four books up there. This is what i want to finish within this week. Iv'e done it before and i'll do it again. It shouldn't be so hard, im half way through The Mysterious Benedict Society. However I have to do a review on Love and Happiness and I need to finish reading the other two just becuase and i'll of course do reviews on them. 


But the thing is, there are currently another 15 books on my TBR shelf on good reads...here as well I think. It's seriously getting ridiculous. 


Thank baby jesus I only have a week of school left. I finally have time to read. This summer i'm gonna clear my TbR list once and for all and get through a huge chunk of my 100 book reading challenge.  


P.S. I'm writing this when I have two lab reports due tomorrow. Procrastination will be the death of me. I even had the long weekend. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH ME??!!!



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I saw the plot twist coming....from like ten miles away

Legend -

I had heard nothing but amazing things about this book, but I wasn't all that amazed myself. I liked the book and I will be reading the next one in the series...but man did I find things wrong with it.

The main thing would be the plot. You basically know that there is a conspiracy from the very beginning. it says so in the freaking dust jacket. At the very beginning of the book you learn of the plague and about halfway through you realize what the hell is going on and in the end the big reveal isn't so big anymore. I saw it coming and thats what makes half of the ending so completely deflating. However, some parts of the book did make my jaw drop but they weren't the main focus of the book. At all. They were just events. Granted they were major events but still...

Secondly, the characters (and their lines and actions) were cheesy as heck. I like Day and all. He's down to earth and if he was real then I would jump that boy and smother him with kisses...seriously. But June just pissed me off sometimes. She changed towards the end which was good though. The primary reason why I thought the dialogue and the action between the characters was cheesy was because I thought they were too young. I honestly feel that two fifteen year olds, no matter what kind of society they live in wouldn't have mannerisms and talk the way June and Day do. They have been through a lot in life but I felt like they should have been older. They display the maturity levels and suave attitudes of like 25 year olds. And even 25 year olds don't act suave. It's like they were just saying "smart alec" lines for the hell of it and acting too cool for their own good.....I don't know if it's just me that felt that way or if im just so egotistical that I find fictional 15 year olds annoying. The romance was awesome though...but again I felt like they were too young....

The setting was not what I expected it to be. For some reason I thought that they were going to be "on the road" in this book and she was going to chase him cross country but I was sadly disappointed. I brought that upon myself though. The actual setting was cool though, with it's post apocalyptic feel.

But here's the thing. Even though I found so many annoying things in this book personally, im still going to read the second one..and the third because I want to know what happens. This book is purely a story for me and nothing more. That's why I gave it only 3 stars. Anyways, read the book if you like action/adventure...and 15 year olds saying cheesy lines.

-Samprati :)

Wither (Chemical Garden Trilogy Book One) Review

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano

I was really surprised that I enjoyed Wither as much as I did. It was a fantastic book but I docked one star for some things that just didn't make sense to me throughout the book.The book basically takes place in one setting but I was not bored at all. Infact I zipped through the book and thought that the one and only setting of the book which was the mansion(not a spoiler) worked very well. The authors writing style was was amazing and I got to read prose that I can't find in many YA books today. The characters of Rhine, Linden, Cecily, Jenna, and Gabriel, as well as the villan of the book were all so interesting and had great depth and dimension to them. I loved reading about them and their story and wanted to know more of what was happening. The author does a great job of making their pain seem so very real, and you actually feel sorry for them and are scared for them. The character development of all of the characters is great and was one of my favorite aspects of the novel.As for the world building...its premise was interesting and that is why I picked it up but in actuality it doesn't make much sense and there isn't really much development into finding the cure in this book. This book focused mostly on the characters relationships with each other, the main characters inner turmoil, and their past, the troubles that they have had to face, and the escape. This obviously changes throughout the series as it progresses but in the first book, I was expecting a bit more world building. Overall this book was really enjoyable and I highly recommend it if (for the time being) you enjoy a plot based and character based, one setting, story. Later, the author does such a great job with creating whimsical, colorful yet scary, real settings that it brought the series to a whole new level. However, this is what is in store for book one.-Samprati :)