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Wither (Chemical Garden Trilogy Book One) Review

Wither (Chemical Garden) - Lauren DeStefano

I was really surprised that I enjoyed Wither as much as I did. It was a fantastic book but I docked one star for some things that just didn't make sense to me throughout the book.The book basically takes place in one setting but I was not bored at all. Infact I zipped through the book and thought that the one and only setting of the book which was the mansion(not a spoiler) worked very well. The authors writing style was was amazing and I got to read prose that I can't find in many YA books today. The characters of Rhine, Linden, Cecily, Jenna, and Gabriel, as well as the villan of the book were all so interesting and had great depth and dimension to them. I loved reading about them and their story and wanted to know more of what was happening. The author does a great job of making their pain seem so very real, and you actually feel sorry for them and are scared for them. The character development of all of the characters is great and was one of my favorite aspects of the novel.As for the world building...its premise was interesting and that is why I picked it up but in actuality it doesn't make much sense and there isn't really much development into finding the cure in this book. This book focused mostly on the characters relationships with each other, the main characters inner turmoil, and their past, the troubles that they have had to face, and the escape. This obviously changes throughout the series as it progresses but in the first book, I was expecting a bit more world building. Overall this book was really enjoyable and I highly recommend it if (for the time being) you enjoy a plot based and character based, one setting, story. Later, the author does such a great job with creating whimsical, colorful yet scary, real settings that it brought the series to a whole new level. However, this is what is in store for book one.-Samprati :)